Linked Lead Generator

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The Linked Lead Generator Allows You To AUTOMATICALLY:

  • Build lead funnels full of targeted suspects by harnessing the combined power of LinkedIn and automation
  • Collect valuable information from high-quality prospects and businesses like name, email addresses, phone number, company name and job title
  • Communicate with your target prospects via email for faster conversion
  • Identify high-quality prospects in your own backyard using advanced LinkedIn search
  • Store Linkedin connection data for future follow-up campaigns
  • Automatically send personalized targeted connection requests saving you time and money
  • Greatly improve the acceptance rate of your connection requests
  • Encourage your prospects to schedule appointments with you
  • Nurture your relationships for increased conversion using state of the art marketing automation


Linked Lead Generator

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Linked Lead Generator:
Sends up to 40 new connection requests per day using “people search” in a free LinkedIn account (limitations apply)
+ Sends up to 120 new connection requests per day using advanced search in a paid LinkedIn account
+ Collects up to 120 Names and email addresses daily using people search in free LinkedIn version
+ Automates the follow up process
+ Sends emails to all collected accounts
All info can be exported to a csv file and used as needed.
Information can be imported into your existing CRM and used in automated email marketing campaigns.

No long term contract required. 

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