Are you currently buying lists to cold call or email, playing golf to build working relationships, joining networking groups and attending events, or paying for online ads…?

Schedule Your Linkedin Success Consultation Today and Discover…

✔ A fresh new approach to Linkedin networking that is so easy to implement, less than an hour a day, and fills your calendar with interested prospects.

✔ A proven strategy that quickly reduces the amount of time and money you spend prospecting for new leads every month.

✔ A new way you can easily secure valuable information like name, email address, phone number, job title and company name for targeted follow-up… effectively eliminating all the wasted time spent trying to find that information.

A NEW TOOL that reveals who is actively engaging with you ANYWHERE online PLUS it automates the follow-up process, effectively taking the guesswork out of prospecting.

There are ONLY 7 spots available


To Schedule Your Linkedin Success Consultation

The strategy discussed during the consultation is for you if you:

✔ Seek to directly connect to affluent professionals on Linkedin and are searching for a proven step-by-step prospecting approach that’s successfully working right now.

✔ Sell group benefits, life insurance, retirement planning, commercial lines, high-end personal lines, have high net worth assets under management.

✔ Offer value added services like cost segregation, merchant audit, waste audit, energy audit, qualified plan audit…

✔ Are looking for a system you can implement in less than 1 hour a day (or outsource).

✔ Are looking to build a team  

✔ Love to be the first to get your hands on advanced technology frameworks that work.

✔ Want to get more attention by working in small groups (only 9 will be invited).

This is NOT for you if:

✔ Your target market is people making less than $70,000 a year

✔ Your prospects and clients are only people over 65

✔ Prefer to avoid technology and hate social media


This Limited Time Offer ends when the last seat is taken.


You gain the opportunity to:

✔ Cut through the clutter and connect to more affluent prospects on Linkedin.

✔ Gain access to a system you can implement in less than 1 hour a day. 

✔ Build a valuable list of targeted prospects including name, email address, mailing address, phone number, job title, and company name.

✔ Receive more individual attention by working in small groups (only 7 will be invited).

✔ Develop a solid Linkedin network and maximize the leads available to you.


The Create More Business NOW LinkedIn success system will elevate your positioning, connect you to dozens of potential clients monthly and implement a structured follow up routine. This will free you to prospect less and close deals more often resulting in more net income.  


This LinkedIn success system is designed exclusively for savvy professionals who now know that:

✔ You want and need to create additional streams of qualified prospects

✔ You want to significantly enhance your online authority in your specific field

✔ You need to leverage and influence both old and new relationships profitably

✔ You need to have a strategic and automatic follow up process working for you at all times

✔ You want to wisely invest your time devoted to LinkedIn

✔ You need someone to hold you accountable to stay on track for optimal results


But it’s im­portant that you get this one thing…Replac­ing cold calling grunt work and banking on receiving referrals with a system that magnetically attracts your ideal prospects on autopilot, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, will change your business coaching life forever.


I will also tell you this success system is not for professionals who:

✔ Won’t invest 30 minutes daily to grow their practice

✔ Want to be struggling for new clients a year from now

✔ Are unwilling to invest time in themselves

✔ Refuse to be open minded about relationship building

✔ Are lazy or an excuse maker

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