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How To Quickly Increase Visibility On Linkedin

Are you looking for a simple way to quickly increase visibility on Linkedin and get in front of more of your target audience?

As a self professed Linkedin Jedi-Knight (yes I am a Star Wars geek), and Linkedin mentor to a wide range of professionals, I am frequently asked how to get in front of more decision makers on Linkedin.
The good news is you do not have to post bikini selfies or spend hours every week writing blog posts and articles.

Watch the short video to learn more.

PS: As you may already know, Linkedin has changed the way people connect and do business on their platform. If you are open to learning learning how you can leverage the recent Linkedin changes to connect to more decision makers CLICK HERE.

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Are you like the dozens of people I see daily, who are frustrated by Facebook type conversations that are now creeping over into LinkedIn?

Do you feel that LinkedIn should be reserved for business and networking only?

My name is Rod Ferrier and I am conducting a short 5 question survey this week to see what other people are saying.

The survey closes at 5pm EST this Wednesday, July 20th, and if you enter your email address below, I will be sure to share the results with you.

Create your own user feedback survey

Plus, You will also get the results of last weeks survey which revealed:

Top 5 Frustrations business coaches have concerning LinkedIn

Top 3 Mistakes being made by business coaches right now on LinkedIn

5 things you can do right now as a coach to grow your business using LinkedIn

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Build Your Business Beyond You by Steve Smith

How solo operators can go beyond having their business be just them.

You Will Learn

BlueCheckmarkB3How to create a clear view of the future business you want

BlueCheckmarkB3How to determine if your business is scalable.

BlueCheckmarkB3What kind of plan will help you prepare for growth

BlueCheckmarkB3Who you should have on your team

BlueCheckmarkB3How to phase yourself out of the day-to-day

CLICK HERE To Learn More About Steve

Steve Smith, founder of GrowthSource Coaching, brings over 30 years of professional, energetic, business experience to every client relationship. Throughout his career in the consumer products manufacturing industry, Steve mentored and coached hundreds of management, marketing and sales executives to break- through levels of success.….

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Marketing by the Numbers-Andrea Feinberg

Learn These 3 sets of Marketing Basics and You Can’t Fail!

BlueCheckmarkB3The 4 hallmarks of effective marketing

BlueCheckmarkB3The 3 benefits, and only 3, that any possible buyer might seek from your product or service

BlueCheckmarkB3Why marketing for you may have nothing to do with what other marketing experts advocate

BlueCheckmarkB3Why your product is the least important part of your marketing proposition

BlueCheckmarkB3The 4 possible conditions that you are able to influence for your customer

CLICK HERE To Learn More About Andrea

President of Coaching Insight, LLC, Andrea nudges ambitious, independence-driven women business owners from the daily grind and towards the big rewards of ownership: a better-run enterprise, more money, a happier life and time to enjoy it all. She has more than 25 years experience helping clients articulate, achieve and exceed their goals….

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How to Boost Your Leadership Skills in 4 Easy Steps by Mike Warren

How to Boost Your Leadership Skills in 4 Easy Steps….

You Will Learn

BlueCheckmarkB3What Leadership Looks Like In 2016

BlueCheckmarkB3The 5 Components of Effective Leadership

BlueCheckmarkB3Four EASY Steps To Boosting Your Leadership Skills!

Mike Warren

Mike Warren is the author ofIt’s Not Just Coaching” Reaching Your Potential Through Consultative Coaching” and the Principal and Founder of Alethia Strategic Business Solutions, a leadership and organizational development firm whose clients include Fortune 50 to 1000 companies, entrepreneurs, small to mid-range companies and startups. Prior to launching ASBS in 2000, Mike has served in executive roles in a wide range of industries including food & beverage, financial services, media, manufacturing, real estate, and technology.

CLICK HERE To Learn More About Mike

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Double Your Business-5 Simple Rules To Your Massive Growth TODAY by Leslie Hassler

Leslie Hassler -Owner of Your Biz Rules
Leslie Hassler

Double Your Business: 5 Simple Rules To Your Massive Growth TODAY

For many entrepreneurs, success seems an elusive concept. Despite putting in endless hours bringing in clients and doing what has to be done, there seems to be an invisible ceiling of success they just can’t seem to crack.

You Will Learn
  • How to use seven numbers to generate a six-figure income
  • Why they must learn to delegate and leverage – even if they’re a one-person company
  • How to maintain a healthy balance between growing a business and having a life


Download Your “Marketing Quick Fix Checklist

 Tools to Find the 1 Thing That Will Help You Build Your Business AND Have the Time,
Money & Freedom You Desire

Here is what you’ll learn:

  • The fastest way to the easiest cash. (You may be putting short-term hopes into long-term marketing tactics that won’t bear fruit for months.)
  • Strategies that yield multiple returns — that position you as the expert AND set the stage for future big ticket clients.
  • How to 10x your income so you’re not too busy with a cash cow one month, and a long dry spell the next.
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Break The Cage NOW By Kellan Fluckiger

Kellan Fluckiger
  Kellan Fluckiger

“Break the Cage Now”

Helping Entrepreneurs Overcome Fear, Procrastination, and Self-Sabotage by ending overwhelm, sharpening focus and increasing execution.

You can expect to learn:

+The six questions to Eliminate Fear

+ The 3 Procrastination Triggers and how to eliminate them

+The signs of Self-Sabotage and how to take back control

About Kellan Fluckiger

Kellan has worked with the Queen of England, State Governors, Senators, Ministers, CEOs, Grammy winners, and policy makers at the highest levels.

Kellan helps professionals like you, combine their thoughts, language, and actions into an unstoppable success machine.


Click HERE To Connect With Kellan On LinkedIn


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